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EMMA (ebook)


Emma is just a girl who is unaware of her magnetic charm. An orphan since an early age, she lives with her best friend Serena, a sunny and sociable girl who supports and assists Emma through the hard times and the good ones.
Nothing is as it seems and as the plot unravels Serena reveals her true nature as a powerful sorceress, who stands by the young girl to protect her. Emma's quiet life, which revolves around her invisibility, changes suddenly and radically as she enters the complex and violent world of witches and vampires. An unexpected and troubled transition alters her nature and essence, transforming her into a type of supernatural being that never existed before. In Emma, two natures that have been asleep for years suddenly manifest themselves and coexist, in a struggle to find their balance. The girl has to learn to be a hybrid; half witch and half vampire. This change, along with her maturity, teaches Emma that she is destined to live in that fantastic world and that her dearest friends will always be there. When this extraordinary girl, accompanied by her lifelong friends and by a new and passionate love, has to courageously face her new life, learning to love it and love herself like never before, she discovers that her power is limitless and incomparable. This is an exciting and intense story of friendship, brotherhood, and love.


  • Editorial: FRANCESCA PACE
  • Año de edición: 2016
  • ISBN: 9781507117880
  • Formato: EPUB
  • DRM Si

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