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MONIQ (ebook)


Bob is an entirely ordinary gentlemen in his best years. The kids have gone from home and his life is taking its regular course: job, home, Sunday sex with his beautiful wife Ann, everyday jerking-off exercises. However, bob's fatal encounter with the mysterious Moniq, combined with his bold move, suddenly set his world upside down, changing everything he thought he knew. After an exciting sexual torture, into which he is lured by his acquaintances, Bod is seeking new methods to satisfy his perverse desires. Just as he is convinced that he can master the world of kinky games, he finds himself in the middle of a bizarre scene and discovers he cannot master his own actions. Clearly, his adventure is only beginning to unravel. Moniq - A BDSM Erotic Novel is a direct, frank and light-humored, spiced up narrative of a man who takes off his puritan mask and is unburdened while discovering the unusual sexual dimensions. Metal rings, ropes, pain and humiliation – he gets to know them all very well. What is therefore waiting for him behind the walls of those regular suburbian houses?


  • Editorial: BOOKRIX
  • Año de edición: 2016
  • ISBN: 9783739616056
  • Formato: EPUB
  • DRM Si

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