The openMind Workbook is an ideal source of additional activities to engage the students in further practice of the student's book materials. The Workbook follows a format similar to that of the student's book and reflects its section organization. The dynamic and modern design makes the book appealing and easy to navigate through. Each openMind Workbook is accompanied with its own Audio CD. KEY FEATURES Over to you page consolidates the unit material and offers the students an opportunity to contextualize an aspect of the unit topic with relevance to their own lives, experiences, and point of view. Writing tutor offers prompts to help students get started and organize their paragraph(s). mindStrategy develops study skills and focuses on learner development strategies. myJournal takes students through the experience of journal-writing, encouraging them to apply the writing skills taught in the preceding units. Down Time offers fun and engaging activities in the form of quizzes, crosswords, games, riddles, and more.